FIFA World Ranking as of Dec 1994

This article is men's ranking as of 20 Dec 1994.

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Rank: from 1st to 50th

Rank Points Team Nov Oct Sep Jul Jun
167Brazil Brazil World Cup11113
261Spain Spain World Cup56665
361Sweden Sweden World Cup233310
461Italy Italy32224
561Germany Germany World Cup44441
659Netherlands Netherlands65552
758Switzerland Switzerland World Cup77111112
858Norway Norway1010886
957Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland811121314
1056Argentina Argentina World Cup99998
1156Romania Romania118777
1254Nigeria Nigeria World Cup1212101011
1354Russia Russia World Cup1214171919
1454Denmark Denmark World Cup141313129
1553Mexico Mexico World Cup1918161516
1653Bulgaria Bulgaria1716141429
1752Colombia Colombia World Cup1515151717
1852England England World Cup1617181815
1952France France World Cup1819201613
2050Portugal Portugal World Cup2125242522
2149Zambia Zambia2020212120
2248Egypt Egypt World Cup2324252625
2347USA USA2423222223
2447Belgium Belgium World Cup2221192027
2547Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire2522232421
2646Ghana Ghana2626262826
2744Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia World Cup2727292934
2844Greece Greece3231323431
2943Poland Poland World Cup3336333232
3043Tunisia Tunisia World Cup2930273130
3143Cameroon Cameroon2829282724
3243Scotland Scotland3028313333
3342Morocco Morocco World Cup3133303028
3441Czech Republic Czech Republic3432354445
3540Korea Republic Korea Republic World Cup3535383637
3640Japan Japan World Cup3637413852
3739Uruguay Uruguay World Cup3738362318
3838Finland Finland4148474546
3938Iceland Iceland World Cup3845374238
4037China PR China PR3943626259
4137Wales Wales4040343535
4237Israel Israel5051485253
4337Slovakia Slovakia4242424344
4437Bolivia Bolivia4344444143
4536Northern Ireland Northern Ireland4439453941
4636United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates4754595962
4736Chile Chile4546434040
4835Turkey Turkey4834395757
4935Austria Austria4641403736
5035Senegal Senegal World Cup5153555655

Rank: from 51st to 100th

5134Zimbabwe Zimbabwe4955464942
5234Mali Mali5249495049
5334Honduras Honduras5456515150
5433Kuwait Kuwait5347787374
5532Ecuador Ecuador5757534639
5632South Africa South Africa6469677476
5732Algeria Algeria5558504848
5831Australia Australia World Cup5650524747
5931Lithuania Lithuania5861588488
6031Qatar Qatar6060716769
6131Hungary Hungary5952545556
6230Croatia Croatia World Cup6167739091
6329Canada Canada6259575354
6428Gabon Gabon7479756464
6527Costa Rica Costa Rica World Cup6362565451
6627Guinea Guinea6563616161
6726Cyprus Cyprus6975727173
6826Zaire Zaire6666606063
6926Latvia Latvia6772708685
7026Niger Niger6876747681
7126Oman Oman7265807777
7225Peru Peru World Cup7571657267
7325Bahrain Bahrain7184929192
7425Tanzania Tanzania8590899999
7525Iran Iran World Cup7364636358
7624Sierra Leone Sierra Leone7068646566
7723Ukraine Ukraine7681797983
7823Malta Malta7870666972
7823Uzbekistan Uzbekistan7777---
8023El Salvador El Salvador7974686668
8122Slovenia Slovenia8073697579
8222Malawi Malawi8178848580
8322Kenya Kenya9087868282
8421Korea DPR Korea DPR8280777071
8520Thailand Thailand8382828175
8620Togo Togo8894114122123
8719Paraguay Paraguay8485815860
8819Iraq Iraq8683766865
8919Malaysia Malaysia8786949395
9019FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia99108105117118
9118Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago9490858384
9218Georgia Georgia93106100124126
9318Uganda Uganda97101118104101
9417Mozambique Mozambique8998106109108
9517Singapore Singapore9189888787
9617Jamaica Jamaica9287868070
9716Burkina Faso Burkina Faso959390100102
9815Hong Kong Hong Kong9895110107109
9915New Zealand New Zealand10097938890
10015Albania Albania109113102101104