FIFA World Ranking as of Sep 1993

This article is men's ranking as of 23 Sep 1993.

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Rank: from 1st to 50th

Rank Points Team Aug - - - -
159Brazil Brazil8----
257Italy Italy2----
356Norway Norway9----
456Denmark Denmark10----
555England England11----
555Germany Germany1----
755France France12----
855Russia Russia7----
955Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland6----
1055Switzerland Switzerland3----
1155Sweden Sweden4----
1255Argentina Argentina5----
1353Netherlands Netherlands16----
1452Spain Spain13----
1551Uruguay Uruguay22----
1651Mexico Mexico14----
1750RCS RCS15----
1850Nigeria Nigeria17----
1949Colombia Colombia19----
2048Romania Romania21----
2147Portugal Portugal23----
2247Poland Poland20----
2346Cameroon Cameroon24----
2445Belgium Belgium18----
2545Egypt Egypt26----
2645USA USA28----
2744Zambia Zambia25----
2843Scotland Scotland30----
2943Wales Wales27----
3042Algeria Algeria34----
3142Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire29----
3241Morocco Morocco33----
3340Austria Austria38----
3440Tunisia Tunisia31----
3539Greece Greece32----
3638Korea Republic Korea Republic36----
3738Bulgaria Bulgaria37----
3837Costa Rica Costa Rica39----
3937Honduras Honduras41----
4037Northern Ireland Northern Ireland40----
4136Ecuador Ecuador35----
4236Ghana Ghana48----
4334Japan Japan43----
4434Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia44----
4534China PR China PR45----
4634Canada Canada46----
4734Zimbabwe Zimbabwe50----
4834Hungary Hungary42----
4933Iceland Iceland53----
5032Finland Finland47----

Rank: from 51st to 100th

5132Gabon Gabon64----
5232Chile Chile49----
5332Bolivia Bolivia59----
5432Qatar Qatar51----
5531Paraguay Paraguay67----
5631United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates55----
5731Senegal Senegal58----
5830IR Iran IR Iran54----
5930Iraq Iraq57----
6030Guinea Guinea65----
6130Kuwait Kuwait60----
6229Yugoslavia Yugoslavia56----
6329El Salvador El Salvador62----
6429Korea DPR Korea DPR61----
6528Australia Australia52----
6627Turkey Turkey63----
6726Thailand Thailand66----
6826Malawi Malawi68----
6926Zaire Zaire71----
7026Mali Mali74----
7125Israel Israel69----
7225Kenya Kenya88----
7325Peru Peru70----
7424Cyprus Cyprus72----
7524Singapore Singapore73----
7622Jamaica Jamaica83----
7721Malaysia Malaysia75----
7821Bermuda Bermuda76----
7921Sierra Leone Sierra Leone86----
8020Bahrain Bahrain79----
8120Syria Syria78----
8220Niger Niger77----
8320Madagascar Madagascar81----
8420New Zealand New Zealand80----
8519Malta Malta82----
8618Lithuania Lithuania84----
8717Latvia Latvia89----
8817Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago85----
8917Jordan Jordan87----
9016Yemen Yemen90----
9116Albania Albania92----
9216Ethiopia Ethiopia95----
9316eSwatini eSwatini102----
9416Venezuela Venezuela94----
9515South Africa South Africa109----
9615Uganda Uganda104----
9714Angola Angola93----
9813Burundi Burundi96----
9913Tanzania Tanzania91----
10013Oman Oman97----

Rank: from 101st to 150th

10113Congo Congo107----
10213Indonesia Indonesia98----
10312Mozambique Mozambique100----
10412Togo Togo114----
10511Puerto Rico Puerto Rico101----
10611Hong Kong Hong Kong103----
10711Myanmar Myanmar106----
10811Barbados Barbados105----
10911Lebanon Lebanon108----
11011Luxembourg Luxembourg110----
11110Faroe Islands Faroe Islands111----
1129Liberia Liberia99----
1139Guatemala Guatemala112----
1149Suriname Suriname115----
1159Sudan Sudan126----
1169Croatia Croatia117----
1178Estonia Estonia118----
1188San Marino San Marino119----
1198Bangladesh Bangladesh120----
1198Burkina Faso Burkina Faso113----
1218Fiji Fiji116----
1227Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles122----
1237St Vincent and the Grenadines St Vincent and the Grenadines121----
1247Benin Benin124----
1247Mauritius Mauritius123----
1266Panama Panama125----
1276Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda127----
1285Slovenia Slovenia128----
1295India India129----
1305Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau133----
1315Belarus Belarus130----
1324Ukraine Ukraine131----
1334Vietnam Vietnam132----
1344Guyana Guyana134----
1354Lesotho Lesotho146----
1364Botswana Botswana135----
1374St Lucia St Lucia136----
1384Tahiti Tahiti137----
1393Grenada Grenada138----
1403Haiti Haiti139----
1412Laos Laos141----
1422Cape Verde Islands Cape Verde Islands143----
1432Solomon Islands Solomon Islands144----
1442Mauritania Mauritania142----
1451Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam145----
1471Libya Libya140----
1481Dominican Republic Dominican Republic148----
1491Pakistan Pakistan149----
1500Nicaragua Nicaragua150----

Rank: from 151st to 166th

1510Cuba Cuba151----
1520Seychelles Seychelles152----
1520Gambia Gambia154----
1540Central African Republic Central African Republic153----
1550Namibia Namibia155----
1560Cayman Islands Cayman Islands156----
1570Liechtenstein Liechtenstein158----
1580Nepal Nepal157----
1590Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea159----
1590Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei160----
1610Sri Lanka Sri Lanka161----
1620Philippines Philippines162----
1630Chad Chad163----
1640Vanuatu Vanuatu164----
1650Aruba Aruba165----
1660Bahamas Bahamas166----
1660Macau Macau167----
1660Maldives Maldives167----

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